Dungeons and Dragons

hey at least its not larping

So I blame Steve for getting me into the game. Or I guess Wayne. But it's been a great hobby and I've somehow made more friends playing the game than any other. And most of them aren't losers!

I've been the Dungeon Master since nearly the beginning. Which means I spend an extra 5-10 hours preparing for every session we play. I recently decided to purchase the module I was running (Curse of Strahd) online. It's saved me so much time. 100% will recommend.

So I guess I'll share here some of the custom content I've made since I started playing. Most of it was terrible. But some of it was amazing.

Of course steal whatever tickles your fancy. Unfortunately very little of this is drag and drop into your own campaign. I absolutely recommend cusomizing everything you can to your players.

The Town Generator

Well here it is! I've wanted to put this together for... maybe a decade now. And since Mathemagician shut down, there has been nobody else to fill that void.

It's not complete yet, but it's far enough along to share.

Homebrew content links

Death in other Fantasy Settings This is a set of homebrew rules to change how prevalent death is and how it feels in different games. Sometimes the 3 death saving throw whack-a-mole doesn't feel right in a campaign. Personally, i love using Health & Vitality. I'm using it currently in Curse of Strahd and really lends to people needing to take time between large battles. Last Stand is also a group favorite.
Xanathar's Guide to Random Character Creation Somewhat outdated, but this is a guide that runs through all of Xanathar's guide's tables to create your character. It also provides tables for rolling race and stats. I love using this to create new and unique characters.
Anti-Snowflake Character Creation This is a shortened character creation guide, specifically geared for the guy in your group that always comes up with the drow ranger that dual-weilds rapiers and has a pet cat. It helps people create characters that are balanced story wise, without being too boring nor take too much attention.
The Necromancer A Necromancer prestige class for D&D. It's overpowered and takes too much time to play at the table thanks to the minions. Unfortunately 5e doesn't have the complexity to run minions without reducing them to anotehr d20 roll for 1d8+3 damage. But It's a ton of fun and both my players who gave it a shot loved it.
New Monsters This is a work in progress, but is my attempt at creating new monster types to make combat much more fun in 5e. Swarms have multiple members that die off during the fight, becoming progressively weaker. Villains have extra actions tied to each round in combat, so they can progress the fight to new heights. Handlers are terribly named! But they include ghosts, constructs, and other creatures that control another creature during the fight.
The Arm of Manshoon The artifact of the great Wizard Manshoon needed some lore, and some awesome abilities for a campaign I ran.
The Nightbringer: a Legendary weapon When a player becomes the literal avatar of a god, they deserve to get an awesome sword to go with it.