5e Town Generator

Hello! Ever needed a feature-rich town for your players to land in and relax for a bit? I have. But every time I plan out a great shopping trip or something else to distract my players, they run off to do things I haven't planned for. Suddenly, it feels like my planning is paper thin and doesn't have any real substance.

So here it is, artificial substance for your game!

This generator will create a random town that's perfect for a stopover during your player's campaign. Fill out the form below and click Start. If you don't like what it makes, keep refreshing until it makes what you like.

Most of this generation is done via the D&D 3.5 Dungeon Master's Guide and Cityscape, adapted to 5e. Also big kudos to Medieval Demographics Made Easy.

Name of town
Town Size & Population

Racial Demographics



Choose the racial makeup of your town. They range from Isolated (almost entirely one race) to Integrated (only a third of the majority race). Then, select the dominant race of the town.

Dominant Race in Town

Version notes:

0.1: First pre-release. Basic bones of the town with minor customization available.

Upcoming Changes:

* Printable! Exportable! Usable!

* Districts! Lots of detail about what the town looks like.

* Taverns! Menus, rooms and employees!

* Shops! All the places adventurers like to spend their coin!

* Quest Board! For those filler jobs the players want that you don't have time to plan

* Politics! Tons more detail for the power centers.

* Rerolling! Click on a single element to re-roll it.

* User Profiles & Saving!