I make Games!

Try my recently completed Survival Game and take a look at my current and future projects.

Modeling and 3D Printing all the things!

I've been dabbling in Fusion360 for a couple of years now and continue to learn new things. I also have two 3D printers and have printed hundreds of cool (and sometimes useful) objects.

I'm a part-part time Youtube Editor.

Check out the channels I've edited videos for and see what I can do behind the camera. I've also made a few of my own videos.

I run D&D Campaigns!

I've run dozens of games and played in a few for more than a decade now. Come take a look at some custom stuff I've made.

My newest project, the Town Generator, has just gone live. Take a look!

Oh hey a website

Thanks for checking it out. Starting in January of 2021, I've decided to put fun stuff that I make / do on this site. Partially for the added accountability, partly so I can show them off to others.
In my personal life, I manage a family-run used bookstore. Yeah, I run a pretty exciting life. No, I don't do autographs. But when we have our own site (right now we sell through outlets like Abebooks), I'll drop a link.
Don't expect a ton here, though. I'm no web developer and I'm writing all this code from scratch and hoping it doesn't break. Bugs are guaranteed.
That said, thanks for checking it out. I need one of those old school geocities visitor counter things. Those were cool.