My Games! I'm so excited!

So I've dabbled in programming off and on for most of my life. I've never been paid to do it and have spent too much time playing WoW to make a serious attempt at something good, but this is what I'd like to hack together this year.
For the most part I'm working in browser. I started with the Survival game with HTMl / CSS and converted it over to using the html5 Canvas once I saw what it could do. In the past I've worked with C++ and Visual Basic. Completely basic Associate's degree flunky here.
I do have a few past programs, but I (stupidly) didn't compile them back when I had complete builds, and they are now completely broken in their IDE and I can't be bothered to delve into a decade old spaghetti to rebuild an old game.
Game Description Status
Survival Game Survive 100 days in the frozen north. Build a shelter, hunt, and stay warm. Complete. May revisit to expand later.
Choose your own adventure Game Gamebook style with some inventory & dice rolling rpg. Learning the tech by converting old gamebooks to inkle.
Dungeon Delve Like Diablo but better. Just like, an idea bro.
Town Generator Using old school 3.5 rules, build and entire town full of NPCs, buildings, prices, etc. V0.1 is now released! Built as a web release. Check it out!
Vengeance Pact Be one of the High Princes fighting the Parshendi on the Shattered Plains. An idea. Sounds like fun, right?